AWTA provides services to

Message from CEO

(Dr Arvinder K.S. Singh, The Education and Training Director)

We, at AWTA understand business needs. We are committed and passionate about training. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, delivering a range of courses, and working in a range of capacities, I bring passion and commitment for training to assist course participants achieve their goals.

My knowledge and experience in the industry will be beneficial for clients and students alike. Our commitment is to provide quality education and training to our clients so that they can achieve success through education and realise their potential.


Clients and students benefit from our services for the
following reasons

Our experienced training team understands the needs and requirements of students. We undertake a consultative approach, working with industry and students to ensure relevant training is achieved. Our approach is client and student centred.

AWTA delivery is blended learning and can be adjusted to the needs of our clients.

Accredited programs include Business, Management and Leadership, Human Resources, Project Management, WHS and Construction Management courses.

Training Packages contain frameworks to attract, upskill and retain workers in the changing economic and regulatory environment. The changing profile of our learners is accommodated, whether at the entry-level, mature age, or mid-career point.

Assessments (where appropriate) are clustered, enabling students to complete their course in a shortened amount of time.

Improving LLN needs. AWTA provides training to students based on their employability skills by improving their LLN and giving them training in foundation units. This have a game changing effect on the careers by improving student’s overall personality, building employability attitude, performance confidence, acceptable behaviour in diverse workplace, maintaining work life balance and developing a professional approach towards their work.

Learning materials are customised to the qualification and written by leading Australian authors. Learning materials includes topic theory, instruction and relevant activities to complete thus building the student’s knowledge and skills by providing them with the “best tools of the trade”.

AWTA provides ‘One stop’ service by providing additional services to complement the student’s study experience. These include short course training, coaching and outsourcing services such as bookkeeping, marketing support via social networking and business video productions, conducting webinars and other workshops, student forums to enhance their learning experience and helping them to build networks with industry peers.

Management reporting system provides up-to-date information on the progress of each student completing their qualification. Students who are ‘at risk’ are identified and provided with additional support and options. We use best industry DMS to manage.

AWTA have 24 hour on-line learning system to assist each student to access the learning material at a time and place that suits them, using a computer system that complements the communication mode of the modern workforce. Following the successful completion of a student’s training and education, students may move into further tertiary education and receive recognition via a Guaranteed Entry Scheme with specific tertiary institutes and organisations to obtain additional qualifications.