Developing strengths is a critical component of creating a strengths-based culture in the workplace. AWTA offers a quality range of training programs and resources to help you lead with your strengths, including our certified strength coaches. We look forward to helping you!

The science of strengths came from more than 50 years of research and Strengths assessments have helped millions of people discover what they do best. AWTA can help your company discover the unique combination of strengths within your staff.

strength based Workshop

Discover Develop Deliver Strengths Training

Packaged with the Strengths assessment (Prior to workshop) for all your team members, plus the 2-hour 20 minutes, Strengths Discovery Session. This is a highly cost-effective introduction of the Strengths Based Approach.

When team members learn about each other’s greatest talents, they discover their greatest opportunities.

In these, Two 2-hour 20 minutes session, team coaching conversations, help position your team for success by teaching them how to become a strengths based team and to:

  • understand their strengths profiles
  • harness strengths based partnerships
  • value the team’s collective talents
  • apply strategies for using talents

Included in these programs are professionally produced materials and activities designed to stimulate and maximise engagement.

Optional ‘Add-on’ session for all team members, who have completed ‘Discover Develop Deliver’ Strengths Training Workshop by AWTA

Pre Requisite: ‘Discover Develop Deliver’ Strengths training program, successfully completed by your team members and the team leader/supervisor/manager. Requires Two – 2 hour 20 minutes sessions. Recommended session as to get feedback from your team members and decide next strategy to implement.

One hour coaching conversation with each team member and their supervisor/manager. The objective is to work on individual development plan.

Pre Requisite: ‘Discover Develop Deliver’ Strengths training program, successfully completed by your team members and the team leader/supervisor/manager.

Pre Requisite: ‘Discover Develop Deliver’ Strengths training program successfully completed by your Team Leaders/Supervisors/Managers. Leverage successful strategies for helping managers and teams maximize their individual and collective talents to reach desired performance outcomes.

Aimed at supervisory and management level staff, this program over a period Three – 2 hour 20 minutes constructive coaching conversations. This program helps managers:

  • appreciate their unique talents in their role context
    • understand and appreciate each teams’ talents
    • recognize potential talent gaps and vulnerabilities

If you strive to develop managers and teams to their highest potential, this is an essential program.

How does it work?

1. Initial discussions

We discuss your organisation’s current situation, team dynamics and what you’d like to achieve from using Strengths Training Workshop for your team and team leader (Supervisor/Manager). This enables us to have your input to include your objectives in coaching sessions.

2. Online Clifftons Strengths Assessment (For all your participants – Prior to the workshop day)

Team members take the online Gallup Strengths Finder assessment to discover their top five strengths. The report will show how their dominant talents help them excel.

3. Our popular ‘Discover Session’ include: We then have first session with team members and discussing their top 5 signature themes.

Individual team member is encouraged to:

  • Develop their understanding of their top five strengths
  • Identify how they use their strengths at work and how they can use them further
  • Recognise the impact of using their strengths at work
  • Discuss the ‘shadow side’ (weaknesses) of any of their strengths, how this can cause difficulties for themselves or others
  • Identify ways to manage their shadow sides
  • Draw up a plan to actively put their strengths to work

A typical session lasts approximately two hours followed by 20 minutes summary with Q and A.

4. Strengths Develop and Deliver (Team session)

We find that both team sessions are engaging participants, aiming for performance-changing sessions that we offer, as it helps teams to understand how each other ‘ticks’ and how they can work best together.

The scope of these sessions will usually to help the team to:

  • Share their top five strengths with the rest of the team.
  • Discuss how they use their top five strengths at work.
  • Discuss the ‘shadow side’ of their strengths and where this may cause difficulties for themselves, their team and others.
  • Identify how to manage their ‘shadow sides’
  • Understand the similarities and differences in the preferred ways of working / decision-making / energy levels / pace / communicating etc. within the team.
  • Identify where the team’s strengths fall into the four different categories of: Executing, Impacting, Thinking and Relationships and the impact of this.
  • Plan how these strengths can work together to achieve the team’s goals and address the team’s challenges. “Organisations where staff use their strengths every day experience: higher levels of profitability and productivity, higher levels of staff retention and higher customer satisfaction scores.” — Gallup

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